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22/01/21 – Stage 1 of the gravyy visual identity is unveiled today.  Developed by branding and art direction experts Tangent Graphic.

“At Tangent we always try to work on projects that will genuinely bring some good to the world – from our work with The Alliance to End Homelessness to our branding of the Remade Network, we like working on projects where the end goal is positive for local people, local economy, and the planet. Tangent are delighted to be working on the branding for this new venture. Having worked with Chris [founder of gravyy] for years we are familiar with his single-minded determination and are looking forward to helping him bring a more ethical food ordering system to the public.”

Tangent team

“The concept of Gravyy is such an optimistic, cheerful thing – literally a better, fairer way to do something almost everyone already does – that we wanted to make sure the branding reflected that. We worked with illustrator Dave Morrow to create the charismatic hand gesture icons which help emphasise and humanise the food delivery aspect of the business, and we created a colour palette which was as optimistic and bright as the idea behind it.”

Tangent team

Branding by Tangent Graphic

    Illustrations by Boxdog

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