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We will be a community-owned platform, with restaurants and takeaways invited to become part owners.  Local restaurants and takeaways can increase their day-to-day margins and also share in the success of the platform that empowers them.

That’s me over there, suited and booted with a big smile on my face, posing in front of one of the brand murals for NY Slice, the New York Pizza Brand that I created and poured my heart and soul into building. That was my headshot for our investment prospectus. We were raising growth capital for a national roll-out of NY Slice, then Covid-19 took hold and changed the playing field for everyone.

The question was often asked, “Why raise capital, why not grow organically?”. The harsh reality is that organic growth in today’s food delivery market is almost impossible to achieve due to the commissions charged by the Big 3 and the oligopoly they have created.

Over the past 5 years, the total commission paid by NY Slice to the Big 3 would have enabled the business to open 2 further NY Slice delivery joints. We want to ensure no business owner has to make that compromise again.

Chris McColl
Gravyy founder & CEO
Chris McColl
Gravyy founder & CEO

Our purpose

To create a more local world where independent hospitality and catering outlets can thrive.

Our mission

To create a fair and equitable food delivery and collection platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of restaurants and takeaways to sustainably grow their business; enabling millions of people to enjoy great food and support their local independent eateries.

Our vision

A commission-free, customer-owned food delivery ecosystem with sufficient scale to force third-party restaurant aggregators to change their unfair and anti-competitive business practices.

Our core values

Equity for all

We strive to create better financial opportunities for our local customer partners. Building a fairer and more equitable food delivery and collection ecosystem sits at the heart of our business.  We’re determined to build a business model that properly rewards restaurants and takeaways for their creativity and hard work. 
Our customers will be a big part of our success so we believe in offering the opportunity to co-own our business. 

Community first thinking

We believe communities have the power to change the world for the better. We serve and support a local experience, enabling independent restaurants and takeaways on every high street and in every community to thrive.
We’re not just acquiring customers, we’re recruiting our very own community of customer advocates who are part-owners of our business.

Partners over profit

We build win-win relationships and view customers as partners, sharing in our success together. We treat them with respect, fairness and integrity. We will always be completely transparent about our pricing models and promise to never charge a commission on the food ordered through our platform.

Under promise, over deliver

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and the local communities they serve. They are our most important stakeholder and we strive to meet or exceed their expectations every single day and throughout every single food order.

Leadership Team

Chris McColl
Founder & CEO
Simon Boyle
Neil Hallmark
Communications Director

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