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Who are the Big Three?

Deliveroo, Just Eat & Uber Eats

Do Gravyy deliver food?

At present all deliveries are carried out by the team members of the individual restaurants.

Will gravyy ever deliver food?

We are actively working on our own delivery infrastructure. As part of this, we will be engaging and consulting with stakeholders such as delivery drivers/cyclists and the appropriate unions.

We will only launch the Gravyy delivery offering once we can guarantee it does not result in unfair treatment and remuneration of the delivery team.

How do gravyy make money if you don't charge a commission?

Instead of charging up to 35% commission each order the restaurant takes (like the Big 3 do), we charge a small fixed weekly fee for our services.

Check out the “Our impact” page to learn about the positive financial impact our model has on our restaurants.

Do gravyy own any dark kitchens or restaurants?

We do not! Furthermore, we promise NEVER to open any gravyy owned dark kitchens or restaurants as we would be competing against our own customers who help build our gravyy.

We leave the food production to the experts, our restaurant partners.

Is gravyy really owned by its restaurants and customers?

That process has begun!

Our restaurant partners, customers and team are all equally important to our growth and success. That’s why we are flipping the traditional funding model on its head.

Those who build our company will have the opportunity to share in its long term success, regardless if they close, leave or use another platform.

We are working with Crowdcube to do just this. To pre-register for updates and announcements click here.

Can I invest in gravyy?

Gravyy is launching on Crowdcube in April 2021. If you would like to be part of our journey or just want to be kept up to date on our funding progress, get in touch with us here.

Remember as with all investments your capital may be at risk, more information on this will be available via Crowdcube prior to launch.

Is gravyy a certified B-Corp?

The short-medium term aim of gravyy is to achieve certified B-Corp status. At present we do not have enough historical operations to achieve this certification.

We are however pursuing “pending B-Corp” status. Find out more about this at the B-Corp website by clicking here.

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